English Language Club

English Language Club of NCPSC has been formed with a view to improving the English skills of the students especially speaking and listening skills.  The club aims to provide the learners  with opportunities to use English effectively in real life situations.  Its activities are students-centred and involve students’ participation to practice English in a relaxed and informal environment making the learning more fun and authentic. Classes are arranged on first Saturday of each month to conduct different types of language activities like basic conversion practice, public speech, vocabulary test, group discussion, extempore, role play, listening practice etc. The club also focuses on the processes of teaching and learning English language through the integration of communication and information technologies and the promotion of the institutional values.  Modern language teaching-learning techniques are applied to develop the learners as worthy citizens of 21st century with effective communication skills.



  • To create an atmosphere of ease and relaxation.to practice English
  • To make the learners able to use slandered English in their practical life
  • To give the students freedom from conventional academic syllabi, exams and learning
  • To enhance communication, collaboration students’ learning opportunities
  • To develop students’ personality
  • To cultivate  love and appreciation for the English Language
  • To equip pupils with the necessary skills for external competitions
  • To motivate students and teachers to join the English Conversation Club
  • To encourage the use of communication and information technologies as a tool to reinforce English languages teaching and learning.
  • To integrate students’ talents, needs and interest with the English language teaching processes.
  • To create English speaking environment in school campus.
  • To provide platform to students for the development of Communication Skills.
  • To help them to gain stage courage through different activities
  • To give opportunities to students to practice listening skills and practice speaking interactively in real English within the students’ community.
  • To increase fluency, reduce accents and build confidence to think and speak English
  • Allow opportunity for students to express opinions and debate issues and thereby encourage critical thinking.
  • Learn English pronunciation and real spoken English.
  • Enhance quick learning through the fun way in a casual setting
  • To carry out cultural, academic and recreational activities in order to promote the use of the English language in the context of the school.