Tuition fees pay system (T-cash)

Dial Mobile Key pad

1st Step: Dial *201#
2nd Step: Tuition Fees (5)
3rd Step: School Code (ncpsc)
4th Step: Student Id/Reg. No. /Ref. No
ncpsc20——– (Full ID)
5th Step: No. of Month/ No. of installment/ Invoice No
Month name (Jan=1, Feb=2)
6th Step: Student Short Name:
(Last name: Labu mia Here: Labu / mia)
7th Step: Enter Pin to confirm
Then receive a message from TBL.

SMS System

TrustMM<>NCPSC<>Student ID Number<>Number of Month<>PIN<>Student Short Name<>Notification Mobile Number start 8801…….
Send To : 03590016201/04445600201
Student ID = Software হতে প্রাপ্ত ID নাম্বার।
Number of month = January =1, February=2, March =3, April=4, May=5, Jun=6, July=7, August=8, September=9, October=10, November=11, December=12
PIN = হিসাব খোলার পর মোবাইলে মেসেজ এর মাধ্যমে প্রাপ্ত চার সংখ্যার গোপন নম্বর (পিন নম্বর)
Student short name= Student এর নামের শেষ অংশ
Notification mobile number= নিজস্ব বা ব্যাক্তিগত মোবা্ইল নাম্বার যাহার পূর্বে 88 দিতে হবে।
Example: +8801——-
PIN নাম্বার ভূলে গেলে কল করুন-09604016201 অথবা 028712956

Tuition fees pay system (B-Kash)

1st Step: Open browser and type then click Login then click Student Panel
2nd Step: Username: NCPSC20—— (Student full ID), Password: 123456 (If you want you can change your password)
3rd Step: Click Payment List
4th Step: Here show all payment month wise then Click – View (Its show right side Paid/Unpaid)
5th Step: Click- Submit Payment
6th Step: Click bKash Payment
7th Step: Input your bkash account number
8th Step: Insert bkash verification number
9th Step: Now Enter PIN
10th Step: Done

File download
Tuition fees system tcash and bkash